1974 Ford Maverick
250 6 cyl.
Automatic Transmission
Factory Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Halo Vinyl Top
Deluxe Bumpers with Guards
Dark Brown Paint
Lite Tan Interior
This is the one that started it all....my first Maverick.  This car was purchased by my father back in 1982.  My dad was a sales manager at a local Ford dealership.  He had sold new Fords (and stil does) since 1958.  He had decided that me and my twin brother would need a car to share so that my mother would not be without her car.  Since he was a Sales Manager at a local Ford dealership, we thought for sure we would get something cool...like a Mustang or maybe a Torino from the mid 70's.  What did he bring us?  A Maverick!!  As 16 year olds waiting to get our hands on the wheel of a cool car, we were so disappointed.  A grocery getter, grandma car like a Maverick....and a brown one to boot.  What are kids supposed to do?  First off was a new paint job.  The only rust on this car was the driver's door.  Back in 1982, one could still get brand new door skins through Ford...so my Dad did.  It was painted back the same brown color.  We did decide to paint the grill and headlite doors black for more of a menancing street machine look.  After that, my brother and I added an awesome stereo...a factory 8-track player with cassette adapter running through a 40 watt K-Mart Power Booster to a pair of Big Max 200 watt speakers we bought at a flea market.  Whew!!  Would it JAM!! (Yeah, right...this is 1982 remember).  Next, we bought a set of used Cragars for $100 and slapped a set of tires on it with the whitewalls turned inside.  We then painted on white letters with house paint and painted the brake drums red to show through the holes in the rims.  We then added a front spoiler off of a Pinto Cruiser Wagon, and some fog/driving lights.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of this car.  We had a lot of fun in this car, but eventually my brother and I bought our own cars (me a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible and my brother bought a 1969 Ford Fairlane) and the Maverick was driven very little.  My dad eventually sold the car for $900 to a family friend, and shortly afterwords I bought another Maverick for myself to drive to college in and deliver pizza's in while my convertible was in winter storage.  Needing parts to fix up this car, I bought the 1974 Maverick back off of the family friend for $50 after they wrecked it.  It had a new battery in it, plus power steering and a gas tank I needed.  I robbed off those parts, sold the engine and tranny for $200, and sent what was left to the junk yard.