For Sale

1968 Ford Torino
- Interior is really nice.
- New Exhaust
- All New brakes.  New master cylinder, all new wheel cylinders, brakes shoes, hardware, and (4) BRAND NEW drums.
- New Idler Arm
- Nice Bumpers (except rear), chrome, and stainless.
- Runs and Drives good.

This is a very hard to find Torino.  V-8, Automatic, and Power Steering.   I have personally put about 500 miles on this car this summer.  Runs and drives great.  Needs tie rods ends to be a super driver.


$4500 obo or trades considered
If you want a really nice Torino that you can drive and work on at the same time, email me.  Either click on the envelope or email me directly at:  Craig(a)
The car does have some rust as you can see in the pictures above.  Nothing major...just the usual Torino rust spots.  Keep in mind....this is the original paint.  No pop mystery repaints here.  What you see is what you get!!  Front torque boxes are NOT rusted out from behind like I have seen on other Torinos.  Car will need front lower fenders repaired or replaced.  Rear quarters will need a small amount of work.  Passenger rocker panel will need some rust repair.  Left rear of bumper has been hit.
- 302 V-8                                                                                          - Original Paint
- Automatic                                                                                - North Dakota Car
- Power Steering                                                            - 90,000 Actual Miles
- AM Radio                                                                                - Original Red Interior
A small pencil size hole just starting behind the front passenger tire in torque box.   Easy fix.  This is the only rust in any of the torque boxes.  A picture of the back side of this torque box below.
Underside or car still shows original paint and light surface rust.