1979 Ford Fairmount Futura
This is a car I bought back in 1987 to drive to college in.  I bought it for $1100 and had it painted for $1300....a total of $2400.  I financed this little endeavor with my very first bank loan.  I think my payments were a whopping $88 a month!!  It didn't start out looking like it did above.  It started out looking like the picture below when i first bought it.
As you can see....very plain looking light blue.  For being about 7 years old...it had 113,000 miles on it when I bought it.  Here are the stats on the car:

- 200 6 cyl                                                                                          - Factory Air Conditioning
- Automatic Transmission                                                             - Power Steering
- AM Radio                                                                                       - Dark Blue Cloth Bench Seat
- Power Disc Brakes

I painted this car to resemble a car put together by Popular Mechanics.  Over the years of ownership I had the car painted, added a 1968/69 hood scoop, put on new wheels and tires, added Mustang "GT" graphics, installed a huge sunroof, and put in bucket seats out of a Fairmount I found in the junk yard.  I also decided the car looked really, really cool...but the performance didn't match...so I decided to add a V-8.  A built 302 V-8, punched .030 over, cam, edlebrock intake, Holley carb, and more.

                              Before                                                                                                                                                      After
I really struggled with putting a V-8 motor in this car.  If  it would have had a 4 cyl engine to begin with...it would have bolted right in....but since it was a 6 cyl...it would not.  After pulling the old motor out, it probably took me 3 years to figure out how to mount the new motor in the car with many failed attempts.  I ended up cutting off the original frame mounts, having them re-welded back in the car at a different spot, and the motor was bolted in using 1957 Chevy motor mounts.  I then fired up the motor to find out I had no oil pressure.  Well....back out came the motor.  Found out an oil galley plug had popped out.  Fixed that and put the motor back in the car.  Now my rebuilt tranny leaked.  Seems 3 or 4 years of just sitting is no good on a tranny.  Oh...I could go on and on with the frustration about this car.  After having not driven the car for about 5 years while all this was going on....the paint really started to show it's age...and I didn't have the heart or desire to paint the car again.  I was recently married and decided I had other priorities.  I sold the car for an incredible loss in 1993 for $2500.